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Watch the two videos below to learn more about piano in 15 minutes than some beginning students learn taking months of lessons. You'll also learn my "Number System" that simplifies everything for you.

I've been playing keyboards professionally for 20 years, and it makes me so sad to watch friends and kids of friends struggle with traditional piano lessons...

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After taking months of lessons:

  • They still sound completely amateurish
  • They've learned specific song melodies but can't do anything else
  • Can't just sit down and play a song
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Out of my frustration in seeing their frustration, I'm creating the most direct "Instant Expert" piano training that I've ever seen.

Here's some beginning piano training of the quickest way to learn piano. Don't get bogged down on the part about learning major and minor scales, I just want you to understand them, you won't have to play these scales the way I'll be teaching you piano:

Here's Part 1:

Here's Part 2:

(Covers adding your left hand, and how to use the Number System to quickly learn lots of songs: Putting it all together.)

Thanks for watching. I hope you're excited about the power of learning piano through this "Number System" instead of the slow, painful way most people are used to. To get free password access to more video training plus a printable PDF of charts explaining the main points of the videos in easy-access format, please enter your first name and email below to get your password right now:

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I've really enjoyed creating these piano training videos... I've been on stage playing keyboards a total of about 7,000 hours playing all kinds of music, and a lot of what I do the most can be learned quicker and easier than most beginning piano players would ever imagine.

Just promise after I teach you all my secrets that you don't steal my gigs. :-)

One final thing: I'm not claiming that you can become a world-class piano player overnight (duh!) but many many people have said they've learned more from the 17 minutes of the initial 2 videos than they did in a year of taking regular piano lessons, that everything finally made sense, that it finally "clicked".

With that being said, there's a factor called "finger memory" that requires repetition to get used to changing chords and notes comfortably... with this training you'll be learning the most important things to commit to that "finger memory" instead of the silly stuff lots of piano teachers make you learn that can't be applied to anything else.

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